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EcH2O System


The basic ECH2O system includes a datalogger and an array of sensors. Several telemetry options are available for data collection and display. Applications include soil moisture monitoring of all irrigated crops including grapes, potatoes, onions, corn, alfalfa, berries, fruit and nut trees, avocados and many other fruit and vegetable crops. In addition to soil moisture monitoring, the ECH2O system can be used for micro-climate monitoring.

The ECH2O system accepts a full array of weather sensors including temperature, relative humidity, wind speed and direction, precipitation and solar radiation.

Non-Radio Logger System


Downloading data requires direct connection of laptop or field PC to logger

Direct Query System


This system queries the datalogger from the edge of the field using an RM1 radio transceiver.

Micro Climate Monitoring


ECH2O Micro Monitoring System

The Microclimate Monitoring System is an affordable, high quality weather monitoring system.

It includes the following sensors:

  • High Resolution Rain Gauge. Measures precipitation with resolution to        0.2mm.
  • Solar Radiation Sensor. Completely submersible for extended outdoor use.
  • Davis Cup Anemometer. Vector averaging for highly accurate wind speed        and direction.
  • Temperature/Relative Humidity Sensor. Includes radiation shield.

      Link to information from Decagon.

EM50G Cell Logger


Link to information from Decagon on the EM50G.

Radio Logger System


Take advantage of automated data collection with the ECH2O Radio Logger System. Install the DataStation next to your PC at your office. Monitor field sites with EM50R dataloggers connected to soil moisture and other environmental sensors. Up to 50 EM50R radio loggers can broadcast to one DataStation from up to 5 miles, line of sight.

Confirmed delivery protocol insures reliable communication from loggers to DataStation The DataStation is connected to a PC via an RS232 serial port for data transfer into DataTrac, a PC based graphical software program.

Instantaneous Data Collectors


ECH2O Check

Plug your EC-5 or 10HS sensors into the hand-held ECH2O Check to get a real-time reading. Click here a link to Decgon’s webpage for this product.


Plug in the hand-held ProCheck to get a real-time reading from any of Decagon’s sensors. Click here a link to Decgon’s webpage for this product.

Ech2o Utility Software


ECH2O Utility. Use ECH2O Utility software to connect to and configure your Em50, Em50R, and Em50G, dataloggers.

  • Calculate how many days of storage you have based on your preferred       measurement interval.
  • Monitor battery life.
  • Name data logger, set date, time, and measurement interval, and specify sensors       for each port using drop down menus.
  • Download both calibrated and unprocessed data to MS Excel or DataTrac.

Download ECH2O Utility (free software download)

DataTrac Graphical PC Software


DataTrac is a dynamic graphical interface that lets you organize and visualize your measurement data as it’s collected. Using DataTrac, you can check in with your data every day without having to do a lot of analysis.

When you download a data logger or network of data loggers to DataTrac, it automatically amends the database, putting your data in the right location and adding it to graphs and charts. With a wireless logger and DataTrac, you can download once a day or once a week and watch your information unfold.

MorpH2O Web Application


MorpH2O’s custom web application automatically downloads hourly data from your remote monitoring stations and makes the data available via the Web.

Detailed information is available at your fingertips. Each sensor — soil moisture, rain, air temperature — shows up as a time series graph and may be compared against each other. In the Sensor Overview page shown below the high, low and latest soil moisture and precipitation data for the past week are presented in graphical and tabular format.

You may drill down on the data with our Data Viewer which allows you to change the time period of graphing and export your data for analysis by other means.