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  • Eliminates over-watering automatically
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Works with all irrigation systems
  • Take the guesswork out of when and how much to water
  • Saves time, money and water
  • Automatically calibrates to all soil types

The Aguamiser interrupts scheduled irrigation events when soil moisture is at or above a pre-determined level called an interruption point. The interruption point is automatically determined using a self-calibrating procedure that calculates field capacity of the soil and then sets an upper soil moisture limit. Once the interruption point is determined, the Aguamiser will stop scheduled but unneeded irrigation events.

When the irrigation timer/controller opens the 24-volt circuit to the remote valve, the Aguamiser takes a soil moisture measurement, compares it to the interruption point and cuts the common if the soil moister level is at or above the interruption point. This prevents over-irrigation without ever having to adjust the timer/controller while maintaining a beautiful turf and landscape.